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Wrongful Death

When the death of a person is caused by a wrongful act or negligence, Florida law allows the estate representative and family of the deceased to come together and pursue a wrongful death claim against the party responsible for the death. To be successful in a wrongful death case, the family must be able to prove that the other party was negligent and that the party’s negligence was the factual and legal cause of death. The family members or estate representative must also be able to prove the value of the unique damages caused by the untimely, preventable death of their loved one.

Sarah Steinbaum PA can help. Our personal injury law firm is particularly experienced in Florida wrongful death claims. We know the law and the steps necessary to hold responsible parties accountable for the harm they have caused. With experience on both sides of wrongful death claims including significant litigation and trial work, our lead attorney Sarah Steinbaum is well-equipped to settle your claim with the insurance company for an appropriate amount or take the case to trial when issues such as liability or damages can’t be resolved outside of court. If you lost a loved one due to the negligence or wrongful act of another in Florida, call Sarah Steinbaum PA for a no-cost, confidential consultation to discuss your potential claim.

Comprehensive Florida Wrongful Death Practice

Wrongful death claims encompass the entire range of personal injury matters. In fact, Florida law specifically authorizes a wrongful death claim in all cases where the deceased would have had a personal injury claim had they not died. Our comprehensive wrongful death practice at Sarah Steinbaum PA covers a wide range of personal injury matters that ultimately proved fatal, including:

  • Medical Malpractice
  • Motor Vehicle Accidents
  • Premises Liability
  • Product Liability
  • Nursing Home Abuse

Recoverable Damages in a Florida Wrongful Death Case

The plaintiffs in a wrongful death case in Florida include one or more family members, as well as the representative of the estate. The compensation that can be recovered from the responsible party in a successful case is related to the types of harm suffered by the plaintiffs bringing the case. These damages include the following:

  • Spouses can recover compensation for their loss of companionship and mental pain and suffering
  • Minor children can recover compensation for their loss of parental companionship and mental pain and suffering
  • Parents of deceased minor children can recover compensation for their mental pain and suffering
  • Parents of deceased adult children can recover compensation for their mental pain and suffering, but only if the deceased did not have a surviving spouse or child of their own
  • Other family members who depended on the deceased for financial support can recover compensation for their loss

All of the above parties, as well as the estate representative, can recover compensation for medical, funeral and burial expenses they paid, as well as the loss of support and services. Support includes income the deceased would have earned as well as the value of contributions in kind, such as homemaking, child-rearing or caregiving.

Contact Sarah Steinbaum PA Today

From our offices in Miami, we accept cases throughout Miami, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties, across South Florida and statewide. Call Sarah Steinbaum PA for compassionate advice and zealous advocacy in your Florida wrongful death claim. Your consultation is free, and you only pay a fee if we are successful in recovering compensation on your behalf.