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5 Stars

“Personally I had a wonderful experience with Sarah Steinbaum PA.”

Not only did they meet my expectations but went above and beyond. They were very informative throughout the process and always kept me in the loop. My injury case was a really difficult one and they made sure I received the best medical treatment possible. I was very pleased with the results and would recommend them in a heartbeat. If you're looking for a fantastic firm, look no further. Sarah Steinbaum PA gave me everything I needed and I greatly appreciate their help. If your looking for a great lawyer do not hesitate to contact them.

Cynthia M.

5 Stars

“Sarah went the extra mile and got me a considerable settlement check on an auto accident that was totally unexpected.”

I had suggested that we terminate our professional relationship due to the length of time with no result, not because of her efforts but due to foot dragging by the opposing side. She asked my permission to write a few letters and make a few more calls and did it ever pay off. She and her staff are professional and tenacious in their representation of clients!

Brian M.

5 Stars

“Sarah and her great staff helped me through a very difficult time after an injury.”

She hung in there as the large corporation where I was injured tried to "mediate" a "nothing-settlement", we went to court and she took her time and after much negotiation got a great and fair settlement. Through it all, she was warm, caring, friendly (as were her staff) and we felt like we met a friend as well as a great attorney. I cannot recommend her enough!

Bill C.

5 Stars

“Excellent service, efficient, professional and responsive.”

Our case was settled and we are satisfied. I highly recommend Sarah Steinbaum and her team.

Karine A.

5 Stars

"An overwhelming sense of peace of mind"

“When I think of Sarah Steinbaum and her team, an overwhelming sense of peace of mind invades my mind, because she is living proof that there are still amazing professionals out there fighting and defending to do what is right”.

Sarah took our difficult case because she knew it was the right thing to do. After being denied insurance coverage, we traveled to the US with my wife diagnosed with endocarditis (heart infection disease) After 10 days in ICU our hospital bill rose to more than $220K dollars and Sarah was the only lawyer In the east coast who decided to do what was ethically correct. After calling and exposing our case to more than 20 lawyer firms in the East Coast, Sarah Steinbaum and her team represented us and confronted our insurance company to do what was right. Our insurance company paid more than 90% of our hospital bills & our private international air expenses.

Sarah Steinbaum represented our light in the end of a very dark tunnel. You and your whole team represent a sense of hope and kindness in our lives and for that we will be forever thankful.

Además de su tenacidad por hacer las cosas bien, practica y habla perfecto español. Sarah tu representas lo que un abogado debe ser para nuestra sociedad, y en nombre de mi familia, por siempre estaremos agradecidos. Eres una profesional orientada a resultados, pero es la humildad, honestidad, bondad y espíritu guerrero por hacer lo correcto por lo que pido seas siempre bendecida y rodeada de cosas positivas en tu vida. Esperamos poder verte pronto, ya sabes que en Guatemala tienes una casa y nuevamente gracias.

Luisa, Emma, Gabriel, Marian & Paul Vernon

Paul V.

5 Stars

“Sarah represented me in an accident claim some time back.”

She was patient, pofessional, and became a trusted friend. My settlement was suprisingly more generous than we expected and I cannot recommend her firm too strongly. Thanks Sarah, you are the best!

William C.

5 Stars

“Mrs Steinbaum represented me in a car accident a year ago.”

Even though it was not an easy case, she won it, and got me more than I was expecting- it was a great relieve to have her because my husband and I were super stressed and she was always guiding us throughout the way. I have recommended her in two occasions after that, and my friends were very happy as well. She is the best!

Yuneikys V.

5 Stars

“I reached out to Sarah Steinbaum who was recommended by a friend who gave me an excellent opinion about her services.”

I reached out to Sarah Steinbaum who was recommended by a friend who gave me an excellent opinion about her services. I was a victim of a car accident which had some complexity and was looking for a lawyer who would help me without sending me bankruptcy. Sarah inspired me trust since day one; she was super attentive and gave me confidence by sharing all the nuances and details. I would say that being able to get answers from Sarah when I needed was important. Worth mentioning, I was able to speak in Spanish, my first language, with Sarah which was a plus. I am very thankful for how professionally Sarah handled and won my case with results that surpassed my expectations. I recommend Sarah Steinbaum; if you need someone who will be along your side every step of the way, that is her. I have nothing but appreciation and respect for Sarah.

Fabian P.

5 Stars

“Excellent service, very professional and always responsive.”

Excellent service, very professional and always responsive. Extremely satisfied with the final settlement reached on my case. Sarah and her team worked diligently to reach the best outcome possible on my auto-accident case. Sarah's team guided me through every step making this a very pleasant, and personalized experience. I highly recommend Sarah's firm for any personal injury matter.

Donald S.

5 Stars

“Great experience from start to finish!”

Sarah Steinbaum represented me in a car accident case that she successfully settled just days before my trial was to commence. Sarah is willing to fight the fight, and her entire staff is top-notch, very knowledgable, compassionate, and they always took the time to answer my questions and respond to emails. I would highly recommend hiring Sarah Steinbaum as your attorney to represent you without reservation. Thank you Sarah and your incredibly hard working staff for all of your efforts in bringing my case to a successful resolution. I am eternally grateful!

Liz R.